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Mickey Mouse at 90: Pictures of Disney icon through the years

On 18 November 1928, Walt Disney's Mickey appeared in his debut cartoon Steamboat Willie. We take a look back at Mickey Mouse over the years.
1929: This picture is taken from a cartoon called Plane Crazy. It was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon that was made, but it was actually the third one to be released, after sound was added in 1929.
Mickey in first cartoon made.Disney
1929: Did you know that Mickey Mouse wasn't always a talking mouse? In 1929, The Karnival Kid was released (as seen in this picture), which was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon in which Mickey himself actually talks.
First Mickey Mouse cartoon in which Mickey speaks.Disney
1930: Mickey has been appearing in more than just cartoons for many years. This photo shows the first licensed Disney product, which was actually a children's writing tablet featuring - you guessed it! - Mickey Mouse. It was sold back in 1930.
The first licensed Disney product.Disney
1935: You might have noticed that all of the pictures from cartoons up to this point have been black and white. Well, on 23 February 1935, The Band Concert was released, which was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon in colour.
First Mickey Mouse cartoon in colour.Disney
1939: This is an image taken from a cartoon released on 21 July 1939 called The Pointer, which features Mickey's pet Pluto - a character which Walt Disney had created a few years before.
Mickey Mouse cartoon released on 21st July 1939.Disney
1947: We couldn't take a look back at Mickey over the years without a photo of him with his creator! Here is Walt Disney himself in the studio with some drawings of his beloved character in 1947.
Walt Disney in his studio.Disney
1953: For Mickey's 25th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 75th anniversaries, he had official portraits done by a man called John Hench. The artwork shown here, with Walt Disney, was the official 25th portrait, done in 1953.
John Hench alongside an official portrait he painted of Mickey Mouse.Disney
1966: Some of you might have been lucky enough to visit Disneyland at some point where you may well have come across Mickey Mouse. Well, here is Walt Disney with Mickey at Disneyland back in 1966.
Walt and Mickey at Disneyland in 1966.Disney
1940: Disney has released many films, but one of the most famous older films is Fantasia, which premiered on 13 November 1940. The film was simply a concert by the Philadelphia Orchestra, accompanied by Disney animation. It is to this day considered to be one of Disney's classics.
A still from Fantasia.Disney
1983: This image is taken from Mickey’s Christmas Carol - a cartoon featurette that premiered in England on 20 October 1983. It was an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and starred the character Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge.
Still from Mickey's Christmas Carol.Disney
2006: It wasn't long before cartoon Mickey was given the 3D treatment in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - a TV series that first aired in the UK on Disney Junior in May 2006. With its amazing computer animation, it introduced Mickey Mouse and his friends to many more children.
Still from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.Disney
2017: Then, a new animated series called Mickey and the Roadster Racers first aired in the UK on Disney Junior in April 2017. It saw Mickey and his friends take part in races in their hometown, Hot Dog Hills, and around the world in special vehicles that could transform.
Still from Mickey and the Roadster Racers.Disney
Today: Over the last 90 years, Mickey Mouse has become a truly global icon and brought cartoon and Disney lovers together from all across the world. Here's to the next 90, Mickey, and happy birthday from everyone at Newsround!
Generic Mickey Mouse shot.Disney