Wayne Rooney will captain an England friendly but should he even be playing?

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Wayne Rooney will play for England tonight for the first time since 2016.

Rooney will captain the side and will be used as a second-half substitute in his 120th and final appearance for the Three Lions against the United States on Thursday.

The Football Association announced that it will use the game, now called 'The Wayne Rooney Foundation international', to honour the striker who is England's record goal scorer.

But Rooney retired from England duty in 2017 and his addition to the England team is a bit controversial and not everyone thinks he deserves it, even though it's for charity.

So we want to know what you think.

He's England's record goal scorer, so is it fair that he gets another chance to play for his country, or should the place on the team be given to another player who's earned it more this season?

Vote now and leave your comments below.

Then go ahead and pick your favourite of Rooney's biggest England moments - he's had a few!

What are the arguments?

Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton - who holds the record for playing more games for England than anyone else with 125 appearances - says it's not right and that playing for England should only be on merit.

Peter Shilton's twitterTwitter/Peter_Shilton
Record England cap holder, goalkeeper Peter Shilton thinks playing Rooney is the wrong decision.

But current England captain Harry Kane thinks Rooney's inclusion is in favour:

"I think the fans will embrace it, we should all embrace it and give him the send-off he deserves."

Harry Kane and Wayne RooneyGetty Images
Harry Kane and Wayne Rooney will be reunited for England against the USA
VOTE: Should Wayne Rooney play for England again?
What's Rooney's best England moment?


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  • Comment number 5. Posted by U17282229

    15 Nov 2018 11:30
    Of course he should, he deserves it after all he's done for England, and he's the top scorer of all time
  • Comment number 4. Posted by U17282077

    15 Nov 2018 8:39
    Rooney or kane
  • Comment number 3. Posted by U17169555

    15 Nov 2018 8:38
    Rooney should play
  • Comment number 2. Posted by doughnutboy742

    15 Nov 2018 8:28
    No because kane is captain
  • Comment number 1. Posted by -Hope

    8 Nov 2018 19:05
    Yes. You deserve it Rooney!!!!!!!!