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British Wildlife Photography Award winners 2018

After receiving thousands of entries from both amateur and professional photographers, these pictures have just been announced as the winners of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018.
Britain is home to some pretty amazing wildlife. From beetles, bats and blackbirds, they've all been captured for the British Wildlife Photography Awards. Check out this snug bug! This is the winner of the under 12 category. The picture is of a beetle called a Cockchafer, and was taken by 9 year old Lucy Farrell, from Borrowdale in Cumbria.
A close up of a beetleLucy Farrell/
This 'eye of the spawn' photograph of newly born tadpoles was taken in Kent by 17 year old Ivan Carter. The picture won the 12-18 year old category.
Tadpoles on a leafIvan Carter/
Eight legged and on fleek! Creepy crawlies can be beautiful too. This is a picture of a Nursery Web Spider in Devon, apparently waiting for her prey. It was the winning photo in the Hidden Britain category.
A spider on a flowerAndrew McCarthy/
Out of the 15 categories, the overall winning image was taken by Paul Colley and is called 'Contrails at Dawn'. It pictures the ghostly flight paths of Daubenton's Bats at Coate Water Country Park in Wiltshire.
ghostly looking bats flying over waterPaul Colley/
These look like creatures from another world, but they're actually Goose Barnacles. The picture was taken at Sanna Bay, Highland, Scotland. It won the award for being close to nature.
close up of barnacles.David Bennett/
Riding the crest of this wave is the winner of the Coast and Marine photography award. The picture shows a Lesser Black-Backed Gull avoiding the wave spray during a storm off the coast in East Sussex.
A seagull flies above a big waveCraig Denford/
Black and white is a winner this winter. This photo of a magpie in the Snow was taken in Glasgow and won the Urban Wildlife Award.
A black bird sitting on a black fence in the snowChristopher Swan/
This Scottish red squirrel has come to say hello. Have you ever seen a more Autumnal scene? Fittingly the picture won the British Seasons award.
A red squirrel on a treeNeil Mcintyre/