Venice under water as severe storms hit Italy

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A man walks through garbage between two yachts after a storm hit the harbour and destroyed a part of the dam during the last night on October 30, 2018Getty Images

Italy has been battered by fierce winds and heavy rain.

Winds of up to 110 miles per hour have hit the country, and two tornadoes ripped through the coastal town of Terracina.

In the canal city of Venice, rising waters flooded many of its famed squares and walkways, with officials saying most of the city is now under water.

Ten people have died in the west and north of the country.

People walk across temporary walk ways in Venice on 29 October 2018Getty Images
Some people took to the raised wooden walkways in Venice that are installed when there is flooding
Shopkeeper empties water from his shop in Venice on 29 October 2018EPA
Shopkeepers worked to try and keep the water away from their stores

Schools and tourist sites have closed in several regions after fears for people's safety.

Weather forecasters are warning that the bad weather will continue.

Transport and power supplies have been disrupted too.