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Your pump-tastic pumpkin pictures!

We asked and you delivered - here's a selection of your amazing pumpkin carvings. Keep them coming!
As if pumpkin carvings weren't spooky enough - check out this creepy spider. We wonder if the eight googly eyes follow you around?
Spider pumpkinweirdwizardo
Look out! There's an orange ghost about - oh phew, it's just an incredible pumpkin carving.
Ghost carving pumpkinunicornrainbowfluff
Oooh, cheeky pumpkin! A little wink and a tongue out, does it remind you of an emoji?
Smiley pumpkinpug_watermelon
A very different kind of face - is this what Newsround's Martin looks like when he wakes up in the morning?
Scary pumpkinpug_watermelon
This utterly terrifying pumpkin is spook-erific! Check out those teeth!
Terrifying pumpkingingerfuzzykitten
We imagine this is what a pumpkin would look like if you told it to open wide for a candle. Amazing work!
Shocked pumpkinsandystarsatsuma
And here we have an after dark picture - it's so atmospheric and spooky! Perfect for Hallowe'en!
Pumpkin with a candle inllamasinpyjamas
Oooh, double trouble! Check out these two spook-tacular faces!
Two carved pumpkinsGabriella and Anastasia
Here we have two cool creations - a purr-fect cat pumpkin and very poorly pumpkin! Nice work!
Cat pumpkin and poorly pumpkinAmelia
It looks like this pumpkin has eaten too much when it was out trick or treating!
Pumpkin being sickCarlos
Woah! This totally terrifying pumpkin would scare all of the Newsround presenters! Good job Lucy!
Scary pumpkinLucy
Check out this sickly creation!
Pumpkin being sicklegolovingclimber
Boo! Happy Halloween from this smiley pumpkin!
Scary pumpkinLucia
This pumpkins wants to gobble things up!
Faces carved into pumpkinsartyadventurouspegasus
These have seriously scary teeth!
Faces carved into two pumpkinskiwi
A trio of creepy creations.
Carvings in three pumpkinscherrysparklyunicorn
You wouldn't want to come across these monsters in the dark.
Faces carved into two pumpkinscool-camel
Argh! This monster looks like it's coming to get you.
Pumpkin carvinggingerrunningogre
Check out this unicorn cleverly carved into a pumpkin.
Unicorn carved into a pumpkinunicornsparkleglitter
A star and the moon have come out for this Halloween.
Two pumpkinslavenderglitteryunicorn
This pumpkin is all smiles.
Pumpkin carvingunicorn2345
Jack's carved pumpkins large and small for Halloween.
Lots of pumpkins carvedjack