School bag ban: Are big rucksacks too heavy?

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WATCH: Are your school bags too heavy?

When you walk to school, do you ever feel like your bag is too big, heavy and crammed full of books?

One school in Spalding, Lincolnshire recently banned bags in class because of health and safety reasons. The school said that younger children were getting injured by large rucksacks.

However, not everyone was happy with the new rule.

In a protest against his school's bag ban, sixth former Jacob has started carrying his books in a sauce pan, wicker basket and microwave oven.

Kid carrying a microwave
Jacob carrying his books in a microwave

He also outlined why he disagreed with the rule in a 3,000-word essay titled: 'Bags in Sixth Form - My Thoughts and A Potential Solution' which he passed on to his Headteacher.

The teenager says year 7 pupils have been "struck in the face or knocked backwards by our bags swinging around in the corridor." But that the rule is 'ridiculous'.

Schools often ban items of clothing or are strict about uniform, appropriate shoes, ties, haircuts and make-up, but Jacob says the bag ban goes against health guidelines which say you should carry books on your back.

Newsround contacted the school but they decided not to comment.

The health charity Backcare says the weight of books and bags are dangerous for children and can lead to back problems in later life.

They say that children should carry no more than 10-15% of their bodyweight.

Girls are often smaller than boys, but carry the same weight of books and homework. Recent research showed that 31% of boys carried overly heavy bags, compared to nearly 42% of girls.

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