Donald Trump says he won't let the 'migrant caravan' cross the American border

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5000 people attempting to cross US border

Thousands of women, men and children from across countries in Central America are attempting to cross the Mexico-US border without permission.

They are travelling in a large group that has grown in size as they travel through Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

Mexican authorities tried to stop them from travelling across a border bridge between Mexico and Guatemala.

The group voted in favour of continuing their journey, and they managed to pass the authorities.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned the migrants to turn back, threatening to close the US border and cut aid to countries that allow the caravan to pass.

Map of Central America
The caravan of people are travelling through Central America and come from different countries such as Honduras and Guatemala.
Who are they and where are they going?

The people in this group do not come from any one place - they come from lots of different countries.

Many have left their homes for lots of different reasons, but it is believed that some reasons could be violence and poverty in the countries where they live, and the hope of a better life elsewhere.

Despite not having permission to live there, they say they plan to cross through Mexico and into the US.

Lots of them say they have given up attempting to apply to live and work in the US by following the law, because the process takes too long.

A man holds a baby as he walks with a large group of peopleGetty Images
The large group have been gathering numbers as they travel across Central America. They are hoping to gain access to the United States of America to live and work, but President Trump is unhappy that so many people are attempting cross the US-Mexico border illegally.

Many of the travellers say that by keeping together in such a large group, also known as a caravan, is a way to keep safe.

"We're going to make it, we're going to keep moving so long as they don't stop us," said 17-year-old Honduran Jaffe Borjas.

Why is President Trump reacting so strongly?
President TrumpReuters
President Trump says he won't let the migrant group into America

Stopping illegal immigration was one of the main promises Mr Trump made when was elected US president. He has promised to build a wall on America's southern border.

His party - the Republican Party - is facing elections on 6 November and, for many Americans, immigration is a really important issue.

He has said that the situation is a "national emergency" and says he has told border guards and the police to be ready.

They're not coming into this country

US President Donald Trump

On Sunday, he tweeted that "full efforts are being made to stop the onslaught of illegal aliens from crossing our southern border".

"People have to apply for asylum in Mexico first and, if they fail to do that, the US will turn them away."

He has threatened to stop giving aid to countries like Honduras and Guatemala, where many of the migrants have come from.

Donald Trump tweetTwitter / @realDonaldTrump
President Donald Trump tweeted in response to the approaching caravan, saying "Full efforts" are being made to prevent the migrants from crossing the Southern US border

However, the group has not been stopped. "If you send us back, we will return!" a large crowd shouted together. "We are not criminals, we are workers!"

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What will happen next?

The truth is we don't know. The caravan is still moving.

Many of the South American countries who are also dealing with the caravan say they are trying to stop it reaching America.

The president of Honduras has urged his citizens not to join the caravan. His country has also sent buses to the Mexico-Guatemala border to take those who may have changed their minds about heading to the US or who are too tired to carry on, back to their homes.

Mexico's government have also said they would listen to requests for asylum from the travellers but if anyone refuses, the government says they will force them to leave.


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  • Comment number 4. Posted by reading potter stargazer

    26 Oct 2018 0:53
    Why call them aliens? That’s just nasty and to not let them in...I just don’t agree with this and I don’t think that’s very fair, considering the backgrounds they’ve come from and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome. 🙁
  • Comment number 3. Posted by U17133673

    25 Oct 2018 11:44
    There is a reason why Donald Trump doesn’t want them in their country you know. I don’t think it is right to call them aliens though. That is just rude.
  • Comment number 2. Posted by StarryNight

    22 Oct 2018 19:53
    I think the US and other countries should let as many migrants as they can in their countries. This is because how would you like it if you had had risked your life trying to get away from violence and get turned away or worse, get separated from your children and been detained and called aliens.
  • Comment number 1. Posted by U17217139

    22 Oct 2018 18:23
    He called the aliens, I just think that that is really mean