Why lots of spiders aren't a bad thing

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A spider in a webGetty Images

It might feel like there are spiders EVERYWHERE at the moment.

No, you're not imagining it, there are more about because it's their mating season.

At this time of year the majority of eight-legged critters we see are actually male spiders.

They move into our houses because they are looking for female spiders which normally stay indoors waiting for them.

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WATCH: Why lots of spiders aren't a bad thing

Professor Adam Hart has done some research into house spiders.

He said: "The females can be seen on webs in garages and windowsills, while the males wander around looking for chances to mate.

"And of course our houses are nice places for them to come and do that."

And even though some of you might not be convinced, spiders can be a really good thing. Trust us.

Thankfully if you're not a fan of spiders, their mating season doesn't last too long.

It normally starts in the first couple of weeks of September and ends by the first week of October.

If you can't wait until then, there are lots of suggestions for getting rid of spiders including putting conkers or ostrich eggs in the corner of a room!

A house spider
House spider numbers are on the rise

But Professor Hart says people should just stick to keeping windows and doors shut and their homes clean.

He added: "If there are places that haven't been tidied or piles of clothes on the floor then they are great places for spiders to stay.

"Keeping homes clean and tidy will help. But you need to accept you can't totally spider-proof a house, as spiders will always find a way in."