Windsurf Slalom: Britain's Jenna Gibson is World Champ

Last updated at 10:56
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Briton Jenna Gibson rides the waves

After five full days of competition and 12 completed races, 21 year-old Jenna Gibson has won the IFCA Windsurf Slalom World title.

The young Brit dominated her competitors in Denmark and lead for ten rounds, leaving her opponents in her wake.

The windsurfer battled howling winds as well as very light breezes, winning race after race.

"This week has been an amazing week in Hvide Sande", said Jenna. "I am super happy to come out on top as a world champion. It's a beautiful place to sail and the conditions have been great so we had some really, really good battles."

In the men's event, Croatian Enrico Marotti took the lead on the opening day and extended his lead throughout the following days to eventually be crowned men's 2018 champ.

Check out the race action above. (Pics by Tillmann Media).