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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: Check out some of the 2018 finalists

The finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced - which is your favourite?
'Woah now!' - this squirrel wants you to stop what you’re doing and take the time to look at our gallery featuring some of the funniest animal pictures from this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.
A squirrel extends its hands with its mouth wide openMary McGowan
'Were you looking for me?' - this frog peaks out from between the leaves.
A bright green frog with big eyes peaks out through a hole in some leavesMuntazeri Abdi
'I'm sorry, am I boring you?' - one of these owls is not a fan of the conversation.
Two owls stand with grass in the background, one is looking at the camera with piercing yellow eyes. The other owl appears to be yawning.Danielle D'Ermo
'I can stand like this for ages, no big deal' - we're impressed with this squirrel's balancing act but don't try that at home.
A red squirrel balances, bottom legs stretched out holding on to two stems of cherry blossomGeert Weggen
Out of thousands of entries, only 41 photos have made the cut, including this one of a hungry, hungry hippo!
A baby hippo bites a larger mother hippo on her bottomMichael Lane
This lemur is still shocked about what the baby hippo did.
A lemur clinging to a branch covers its mouth and looks shockedJakob Strecker
'How rude!' - this cheeky moose is sticking his tongue out at his mate, who doesn't look very impressed.
Two moose stand in a field, one is sticking its tongue out at the other, who looks surprisedBarney Koszalka
Are you laughing as much as this seal is looking at our gallery of comedy wildlife photos? One of these pictures will be crowned the winner of the Affinity Photo People's Choice Award in November and the pictures are also available in a book called 'Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - Volume 2'.
A seal lying on grass opens its mouth really wideAmy Kennedy