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'Oldest known drawing' found in South Africa and other ancient art

Scientists say they have discovered humanity's oldest known drawing on a small fragment of rock, so here's a look at some other ancient art from around the world.
These red lines look a bit like an ancient hashtag. Found on a stone in a South African cave, the drawing is 75,000 years old and is thought to be the earliest known drawing by humans.
Ancient lines drawn on a rockAFP
Until the discovery of this cave painting in Spain, scientists didn’t think cave men and women were clever enough to make such detailed artwork. This image of a bison is one of the best preserved drawings in the world.
A cave painting of a bright red bisonGetty Images
This might remind you of your nursery school art but the difference is that these hand paintings in Argentina are on a cave wall rather than a fridge door. The human hands in this picture were painted 13,000 years ago.
Lots of hands painted onto a cave wall.Getty Images
The Lascaux caves in France have been given the nickname “prehistoric Sistine Chapel”. Many people say the caves are home to some of the most impressive cave drawings in the world. The paintings in the caves are estimated to be 17,000 years old.
Cave paintings of aurochs, horses and deerGetty Images
Experts believe that some prehistoric cave etchings found in Rouffignac in France were made by children. They reckon kids ran their fingers down the soft surfaces of the walls in the cave. Researchers have found a way to identify the age and gender of the artists, and think a lot of the art was done by a five-year-old girl.
Cave art found in Rouffignac in FrancePA
Nearly all of these rock drawings at the Taira Valley in Chile feature pregnant llamas. It's thought the art was created by shepherds as a celebration of life over 2,000 years ago.
In the foreground drawings of pregnant llamas on a rock in Chile, the sun shines brightly in the backgroundGetty Images