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Meet the dogs with human lookalikes!

Photographer Gerrard Gethings has an eye for a fabulous paw-trait - check out these incredible pictures of dogs and lookalike humans!
Gerrard Gethings blows us away with his incredible pictures of dogs and their lookalikes. Does Hope the Afghan hound share the same hairdresser as Henry? We wonder who spends longer in the bathroom.
A man with long hair and a Afghan dog with long hair blows in the wind against a bright pink background@gezgethings / Instagram
From one dog collar to another, Francois and Antoine the French bulldog.
A man in a dog collar stares into the distance next to another picture of a French bulldog with a white patch beneath its chin@gezgethings / Instagram
Our hair looks like that on holiday! For Amelia and Artemis the Poodle, bigger is better.
A woman stares forward with very big hair next to a picture of a poodle with lots of yellow fur.@gezgethings / Instagram
Best friends and also lookalikes, Jessica and Buddy, a bichon frise
A woman with a bright smile and grey glasses looks forward next to a fluffy white dog which looks like its smiling@gezgethings / Instagram
Double trouble - Benji and Harper the schnoodle look like they've both got an eye for mischief!
A young boy with blue eyes stares forward next to a fluffy schnoodle with big dark eyes and grey fur.@gezgethings / Instagram
It’s not far-fetched to say Emma and Ralph the Hungarian puli look paw-some and totally alike.
A woman with pale pink lipstick and dark black dreadlocks dramatically stares forward next to a picture of a dog with dark curly hair and a bright pink tongue.@gezgethings / Instagram
Strike a pose, like Sergei and Spike the Siberian Husky.
A man with brown hair in a quiff and a brown and blue eye stares forward next to a grey and white husky looking forward with one brown and one light blue eye.@gezgethings / Instagram