Nasa Mars rover takes a selfie!

Last updated at 12:21
The Curiosity roverNasa/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

You might have taken a load of selfies over the summer holidays, but we bet you didn't take one on Mars!

This pic was snapped by Nasa's Curiosity vehicle.

It's been on the red planet since 2012 exploring whether or not there has been or could be life there.

Curiosity took a 360 degree picture of its current location on Vera Rubin Ridge.

It shows the aftermath of a dust storm and a rare snap of the rover itself.

Experts say Curiosity has never been anywhere on the planet which has so much variation in colour and texture.

Ashwin Vasavada, one of the scientists working on the project said, "The ridge has two distinct sections, each of which has a variety of colours. Some are visible to the eye and even more show up when we look in near-infrared, just beyond what our eyes can see. Some seem related to how hard the rocks are."

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