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Guinness World Records: TikTok star Sam Ramsdell's large mouth and other amazing record-breakers

TikTok star Samantha Ramsdell has been given an award for being able to open her mouth REALLY wide! Take a look and check out these other amazing record-breakers.
Say hello to Samantha Ramsdell! She's just made it in to the Guinness World Records with her amazing mouth. Officially her award is for the largest female mouth gape - which means she can open her mouth wider than any other woman on record! Wow! Sam is a TikTok star and got in touch with Guinness World Records after her followers suggested it. She says she's been bullied in the past for her large mouth and hopes her award inspires others to embrace what makes them different and unique!
Sam RamsdellSamramsdell/Instagram
Matt Everard persuaded his cousin Russell to be passenger on his rip-roaring, record-breaking tuk tuk ride at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire. Guinness World Records confirmed the pair reached a speed of 74.306mph (119.583kmh) on the three-wheeled Thai taxi. On setting the record Matt said: "I'm over the moon, I feel brilliant." He told the BBC he'd like to reach 100mph and smash his own record next time! Scroll down for more amazing records.
Matt Everard and Russell Shearman celebrate with their Guinness World Record after setting the world land speed record in their tuk tuk at Elvington Airfield.PA
This amazing dog Feather's owner knew that she was destined for great things when she saw Feather jump so high that she hit their basement ceiling! So she began training her to jump over hurdles and within no time at all, Feather was clearing 150cm with no problem. Now, she holds the title for highest jump by a dog after clearing a 191.7cm hurdle!
Feather, completing the highest jump by a dog.Guinness World Records
At 10 years old, Barry John Crowe began helping his parents in the family's butchers shop. Now, he has taken the title for most sausages made in one minute, churning out a tummy-turning 78 bangers. He absolutely loves his job and can create a whopping 36 different types of sausages, including chocolate chip and honey comb-flavoured ones!
Barry John Crowe, with the record for most sausages made in a minute.Guinness World Records
Feather isn't the only dog in the record books. Jessica and her owner Rachael will be... er... jumping for joy... after securing most skips by a dog and person in one minute using a single rope, back in December 2016. The pair racked up an amazing 59 skips!
Jessica, with the record for most skips by a dog and person in one minute.Guinness World Records
2018 was the joint hottest summer on record for the UK - and the hottest ever for England. Well, how much more bearable would that heat have been if we'd all had one these?! This amazing water pistol is 1.22m tall and 2.22m long, created by Mark Rober, Ken Glazebrook, Bob Clagett and Dani Yuan all from California in the US.
Mark Rober with the largest water pistol.Guinness World Records
Samantha, who owns record jumper Feather - also owns another rescue dog called Geronimo, who has made it into the Guinness World Records 2019 too. The female Border Collie and Kelpie cross has taken the title for most double dutch-style skips by a dog in one minute! Don't try this with your own dog at home though, as you may injure them. Samantha is a proper trainer and knows what she's doing - clearly!
Geronimo, completing the most skips by a dog in one minute.Guinness World Records
Do you or does anyone in your family enjoy knitting? Well, we bet you have never seen knitting like this! Artist Betsy from Wiltshire created these incredible 4m-long knitting needles as part of an exhibition. Imagine the size of the scarf you could knit with these?!
Betsy Bond, with the largest knitting needles.Guinness World Records
Most of us will have had a go at hula-hooping at some point, but we bet you've never managed to spin as many rings as Dunja Kuhn from Germany. She managed to spin an incredible 59 hoops, taking the record for most hula-hoops spun simultaneously on multiple body parts. Impressive!
Dunja Kuhn, completing the most hula-hoops spun simultaneously on multi-body parts.Guinness World Records
Ever dreamed of having your own robot? Well, Matt from Winchester made this a reality - and bagged himself a Guinness World Record in the process, after building the largest rideable hexapod (six-legged) robot. The machine is a massive 2.8m tall and 5m wide. Matt says his love of engineering began at a young age, when he received his very first Lego kit and was only made stronger after a trip to the cinema to see Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when he was eight years old.
Largest six-legged robot called a hexapod.Guinness World Records
Betty Goedhart is showing that age is just a number, after securing herself a spot in the book as the oldest performing flying trapeze artist at 84 years and 249 days old. She only began trapeze classes at the age of 78 - now there's some inspiration for you!
Betty Goedhart, the oldest trapeze artistGuinness World Records
Another record-breaker showing that age isn't important is 83-year-old Sumiko Iwamura from Japan. She is a restaurant owner and cook by day, but by night she becomes rock-star DJ Sumirock, giving her the official title of oldest DJ. Does she get tired? Not a bit of it! "Doing something totally different is energising,” she says.
SumiRock, the oldest DJGuinness World Records
We all think our pets are pretty amazing, but check out Bibi's dice-balancing skills! This talented feline has bagged a world record after balancing 10 dice on its paw. All we'll say is there are a lot of dice all over the floor at Newsround HQ as it turns out we're not as talented as this cat...
Bibi, with dice balanced on a pawGuinness World Records
Tom Bagnall, 26, from Staffordshire is now officially the owner of the world's fastest jet-propelled go-kart, which travels at an eye-watering 112.29mph! The project took him a year to complete, after he became fascinated with speed from a young age. This developed into a love for engineering. Well, it seems to certainly have paid off, Tom!
Tom Bagnall with the fastest jet-powered go-kartGuinness World Records
Finally, are you an origami fan? Well, we bet you've never created anything on the scale of this! The largest origami rhinoceros features in the new record book measuring a whopping 7.83m long and 4.06m high, with the record taken by The Mixc shopping mall and Liu Tong, both from China.
Largest origami rhinoceros.Guinness World Records