Puppies rescued from underground tunnel in Canada

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Four puppies lying on a blanked side by sideRivers Police Service / Facebook
Four of the puppies that were rescued from the tunnel

Five adorable puppies were rescued by police officers from an underground tunnel in Canada.

The mother of the puppies had dug the tunnel herself and hidden her newborns in there for protection.

But when one of the puppies left the tunnel, the dog's owner noticed and quickly contacted the local police to help rescue the other four.

After two hours of digging, three officers managed to rescue all of them!

Three police officers holding five puppiesRivers Police Service / Facebook
Police officers holding the rescued puppies

The litter of five have attracted a lot of attention, and it's not hard to see why!

"They are very nice and cute-looking puppies," said Bob Futrell, Rivers Police Service chief officer.

All five have now been taken to the vet and will be put up for adoption soon.


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by eking31111

    31 Aug 2018 13:49
    are that must behorrible puppies just in the tunnel they could have died