Back to school: Would you like to wear pyjamas to school?

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Most of you have to wear a uniform but in the United States it's pretty normal to be allowed to wear your own clothes to class.

In fact some schools are so relaxed, even pyjamas are allowed in the classroom.

Imagine that! You wouldn't even have to get dressed in the morning!

Here in the UK, 82% of schools have a uniform, which pupils have to wear or risk getting into trouble.

The uniform will generally have a blazer or jumper with a logo on it to show what school you belong to.

When it comes to things like skirts, trousers and shoes, there are often no set brand that you have to wear.

But there are generally guidelines about what kind of trousers or shoes the school will accept as part of the uniform.

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Torn jeans, hats, crop tops, and pyjamas are now being allowed in some schools
The schools with an 'anti-dress code'

In 2017, Evanston Township High School in the state of Illinois brought in a dress code which allowed students to wear everything from crop tops, and torn jeans, to hats, and even pyjamas.

The idea seems to be spreading.

A school in California is introducing a similar policy for this school year.

The school said it was embracing an 'anti-dress code' where nearly everything is allowed.

It says the idea is that pupils can dress without "fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming".

The only rules are that private parts of the body must be covered by a non see-through material, and clothes showing a violent or offensive messages are banned.

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Back in 2016, 50 children in Kent were sent home from school on the first day back after the holidays because they weren't wearing the correct uniform.

Reasons for turning children away from Hartsdown Academy included 'inappropriate' shoes and 'skin-tight' jeans and skirts.

People have argued this is body-shaming. Other schools are taking a different and much more relaxed approach.

What do you think? Should you be allowed to wear what you want or do you think uniform is a good thing?


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  • Comment number 13. Posted by U17015256

    7 Oct 2018 21:43
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 12. Posted by U17015256

    7 Oct 2018 21:43
    I wanna wear my ripped jeeans crop top and high heels, full make up with tons of jewellery
  • Comment number 11. Posted by BrownieQueenLovesTNS

    7 Sep 2018 16:57
    I think schools should allow you to wear normal home clothes, but not crop tops, torn jeans and pyjamas! I think it's good if you can wear what you want as long as the clothes are sensible.
  • Comment number 10. Posted by U17015256

    7 Sep 2018 16:35
    Crop top n jeans
  • Comment number 9. Posted by U17015256

    6 Sep 2018 19:07
    Crop top n jeans
  • Comment number 8. Posted by U17143702

    6 Sep 2018 18:38
    I am not really sure. I mean I would LOVE to wear pyjamas to school but I think that uniform looks smarter
  • Comment number 7. Posted by U17144159

    6 Sep 2018 17:51
    I would love to wear pjs to school!!!
  • Comment number 6. Posted by jelly_ferret

    6 Sep 2018 17:00
    I really want to wear pj’s to school!!
  • Comment number 5. Posted by TheFandomGirl

    6 Sep 2018 16:46
    I feel like sometimes uniforms actually get in the way of learning. You focus more on what your wearing than what your actually learning. Uniforms can also cost alot of money that some people don't have. I think we should have the freedom to choose what we wear as long as we cover what needs to be covered.
  • Comment number 4. Posted by NifflersHufflepuff

    6 Sep 2018 16:38
    school uniform shows where you belong to and if you wear uniforn then you arent going risk wearing innopropiate nonuniform