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How to do the Dele Alli goal celebration

It's the football celebration that everyone's talking about and trying to master! So here's how you actually do it.
First of all, make an OK sign with your hand. This is the easy bit!
First step of Dele Alli hand celebration
Keeping your thumb and finger together in the 'OK' sign, fold your other three fingers down in front of the 'O'.
Second step of Dele Alli hand celebration
Then, roll your hand around so you put the back of your three fingers on your forehead and the 'O' made by your 'OK' sign should fall over your eye to look through. Voila!
Third step of Dele Alli hand celebration
And there you have it!
Final step of the celebration.
He sure does make it look easy doesn't he?! We're still struggling with it here at Newsround HQ! Click on the story below to let us know how you're getting on with it!
Dele holds his thumb and forefinger to his eye with his fingers splayed against his forehead.@SpursOfficial