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Six curious pets rescued from tight spots

Our pets can be pretty curious creatures, but sometimes that curiosity can get them into some sticky situations. Here are some pets which had to be rescued from some tights spots.
Firefighters were kept busy when this cheeky puppy got his head firmly stuck in a tumble dryer vent hole. It is thought the 12-week-old terrier could see the garden through the hole, and was trying to get outside to play.
Puppy with head stuck in ventCambs Fire Service
They had to cut away some of the wall in order to rescue Dennis, but as you can see he was rescued safe and sound! Best leave the humans to deal with the tumble dryer next time eh, Dennis?!
Puppy with fire fightersCambs Fire Service
Cats normally need rescuing from trees, not walls. But this tabby was trapped in a six-inch gap in a house in Essex. Nobody knows how he managed to squeeze into such a small space but RSPCA officers had to demolish the wall to free the little fellow. He was checked over by the vets but hasn’t used any of his nine lives and has now been reunited with his owner. They must be ‘feline’ very relieved!
Cat rescued from wallRSPCA
When one Twitter user heard a big crash in her bedroom, she went in to investigate where the noise had come from. We bet the last thing she was expecting to find was her pooch with a coffee table stuck on its head! Oh dear...
Dog with table stuck on his headTwitter/@mpbbbee
A Coonhound pup called Blaze also got in a pickle when he decided to check out the middle of a truck wheel. His owner had just left him playing in the yard for a couple of hours, but came back to find him completely stuck.
Blaze the dog with head stuck in wheelButte Silver Bow Fire Department
His owner and a vet both failed to get his head loose, so they also had to call in the local fire department to help them out. The emergency services said that they just needed a lot of coconut oil and patience - and some careful ear-tucking and manoeuvring! - but they finally got him out.
Blaze with the Butte Silver Bow Fire DepartmentButte Silver Bow Fire Department
For many people, taking a bath is supposed to be a relaxing experience - but not for this dog called Emma. She was really unlucky when taking a wash as she got her paw stuck in the plughole. It was stuck so tight that they had to pull the whole plug out so that they could release her.
Dog with plug stuck on her footRSPCA
Finally, it would seem this cocker spaniel called Lexi has got a bit in common with Blaze... She got her head stuck through a hole in the wall. It wasn't as easy to set her free as Blaze though. Rescuers had to use a hammer and chisel to crack the wall. She was absolutely fine and hopefully knows to be careful about where she sticks her head in future!
Cocker spaniel with head stuck in wallHampshire Fire and Rescue Service