Tarantula parents on the loose

Last updated at 06:35
Tarantula babiesRSPCA/ PA

The RSPCA said it had rescued three baby Brazilian bird-eating spiders after they were found discarded in pots in Somercotes in Derbyshire.

But the big question now is - where have their parents gone?

There are fears that the tarantula mum and dad might be on the loose, after witnesses saw them "scuttling away".

Baby Brazilian bird-eating spiderRSPCA

Two of the larger pots had been run over by a vehicle and it is thought the two adults may have been in these and escaped.

This tarantula species is one of the world's largest with a leg span of up 10 inches - the size of a dinner plate!

The RSPCA have asked anyone who sees the spiders to get in touch, so they can be safely caught.