World Cup: They might be out... but England fans are still proud!

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Harry Kane on the pitch clappingReuters

Although England haven't made it to the final of the World Cup, their fans are still right behind them.

They lost out to Croatia in the semi-final but made it much further in the tournament than most people thought they would.

England Manager Gareth Southgate has said he's "remarkably proud" of the squad.

And there have been messages of support from some other famous faces too.

Prince William

It's not every day you get the royal seal of approval but it looks like the England team have it.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is president of the Football Association, said the squad had given "fans something to believe in".

A tweet from Kensington Palace
Gary Lineker

If there's a silver lining to England not getting to the final, it's that Gary Lineker won't be presenting Match of the Day in a mankini!

He'd made the promise earlier in the tournament.

He said he was "utterly choked" by the result and that Southgate's side did their country proud.

A tweet from Gary Linekar
Lewis Hamilton

He might be more familiar with a racing track than a football pitch, but Lewis Hamilton has shown his love for the England squad saying he feels "inspired" by them.

He's also convinced that "it will come home one day"!

A tweet from Lewis Hamilton
Theresa May

The Prime Minister has also praised the squad.

Theresa May has described their time in the World Cup as a "great journey that's made the country proud".

A tweet from Theresa May

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  • Comment number 2. Posted by U17073997

    12 Jul 2018 19:28
    Even though we might have not won, we won in our hearts. Croatia may have won but the did not deserve to win like you did. You put a lot effort and I hope you are happy as we are. I am glad we lost because next time - 2022 - we will beat every team and win.

  • Comment number 1. Posted by BlushBookwormBear

    12 Jul 2018 18:12
    We did really well