LGBT people less satisfied with life in the UK

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The results of the biggest ever survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the UK have been revealed.

More than 108,000 people, who identify as LGBT, shared their experiences by answering questions about health, education and their personal safety.

The survey found that LGBT people are less likely to be satisfied with their lives than other people in the country.

It also found that only around half (56%) said they felt comfortable being LGBT in the UK.

Nearly 70% said they had avoided holding hands in public with a same-sex partner for fear of a negative reaction.

A quarter of people (26%) said that they had had mean things said to them in the past 12 months.

Prime Minister Theresa May said nobody "should ever to have to hide who they are or who they love", and said an action plan had been made to improve the lives of LGBT people.

Ruth Hunt, chief executive of the gay rights charity Stonewall, said she was pleased the government was listening to the LGBT community, but added there was "still a long way to go until we reach full equality".


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  • Comment number 3. Posted by darcie

    3 Jul 2018 21:11
    honestly, I think just let them love whoever they want because its unfair if maybe you don't like girls or you might not like boys in a relationship way they can love whoever they want.
    its not nice just let them be THEM...

    it is THEIR life let them live it like you would live your own if you were LGBT not even that maybe your own life.
  • Comment number 2. Posted by MeepymooSparkleUnicorn11

    3 Jul 2018 18:28
    I believe that everyone has the right to feel comfortable and safe with the person they love

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by lovedanceandgymnastics

    3 Jul 2018 18:25
    That is not fair. We should all be treated equally and not be afraid to show who we are . #First comment #