Thousands get ready to research the oceans

A project called Given Time is now getting ready to help scientists by connecting experts with some of the three thousand sailing boats currently cruising around the world.

Sailing boats create minimal noise as they use the wind to travel most of the time, rather than an engine.

Conor La Grue is heading up the project. He says the sailing community can act as the eyes and ears for scientists in some of the most remote places on Earth.

"Only 5% of coral reefs have ever been explored and there's thousand of cruisers dotted all over the planet, who are really keen to help."

"They can explore places that the science community have never visited and couldn't go."

Conor and his crew are preparing to sail around the world for the next seven years, recording sound, taking sea temperatures and mapping plastics in the sea, wherever they go.

It's hoped that Given Time will allow those wanting to get involved in the fight to protect our oceans, an opportunity to make a difference.

Watch them give a tour of their boat and learn more about the Given Time project.

Footage from Blue Planet II and Given Time

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