World Cup: What did you think of the England v Belgium game?

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Gareth Southgate is clapping his hands in the air whilst some of the England players walk off the pitchIan MacNicol/Getty Images

In their final game of the group stages England lost 1-0 to Belgium.

It means they've finished second overall in Group G.

But despite having their first loss of the World Cup and captain Harry Kane sitting this one out, they're still through to the last 16 of the tournament.

England will now face Colombia on Tuesday night.

We really want to know what you made of the game and England's chances of winning the World Cup. Leave us a comment below.


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  • Comment number 11. Posted by U17093759

    2 Aug 2018 6:51
    I think Harry Kane and Jordan Pickford

  • Comment number 10. Posted by U16795093

    11 Jul 2018 17:50
    they should have gotten harry kane on!
  • Comment number 9. Posted by U17072130

    10 Jul 2018 16:00
    i think its ok because they are through anyways
  • Comment number 8. Posted by lilac_butterfly

    8 Jul 2018 9:57
    i know it sounds weird but i was celebrating when I heard that England lost because it meant that we have more chance getting through and winning!

  • Comment number 7. Posted by rose lily flower

    3 Jul 2018 16:36
    Wales beat Belgium in an Euro thing once right? I couldn’t believe the score!
  • Comment number 6. Posted by U17055177

    2 Jul 2018 7:24
    They are through but there are a lot of good teams in front of them.
  • Comment number 5. Posted by MrB

    29 Jun 2018 18:23
    i agree with u16990583
  • Comment number 4. Posted by MrB

    29 Jun 2018 18:22
    oh well at least were through to the last 16
  • Comment number 3. Posted by ICUnicornMoon

    29 Jun 2018 18:06
    England have got a good chance of winning yes they didn't beat Belgium but that means they have got a rest before facing the next footballers in the next round.
  • Comment number 2. Posted by chocolatelover11

    29 Jun 2018 17:00
    England int gna win the world cup
    Belgium has got the best players like lukaku de bruyne hazard fellaini