Hosepipe ban: Top tips to save water in the heat

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WATCH: Aaron's four top tips to save water

Millions of people will be affected by the first hosepipe ban of the summer in England after this year's long heatwave.

United Utilities (UU) said a temporary ban in the north-west of England from 5 August would "safeguard essential supplies".

They say reservoir levels were already low and that the hot weather expected for the rest of the month will not help.

A hosepipe was introduced in Northern Ireland at the end of June.

Because it's so hot, it's no surprise that we're using a lot more water to keep cool and stay hydrated.

Lots of people will be using more water in their gardens to water plants and lawns.

The water we use comes from reservoirs around the UK, when there is no rain, they cant be refilled so it's important not to waste water.

Here are some tips to save water
  1. When you're in the bathroom brushing your teeth, turn off the tap and have a shower instead of a bath.
  2. It takes a lot of water to make the latest gadgets like tablets or mobile phones, so hold off on buying or upgrading to a new model.
  3. Put a bucket outside to collect rain water and use to water your plants.
  4. Try and finish what is on your plate, because it takes a lot of water to make food.