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Smoking: Should it be banned at the school gates?

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WATCH: Do you think smoking should be banned outside school?

Standing up for a cause you believe in can be hard, particularly if it means maybe standing up to adults!

But that's exactly what these pupils did when they decided that they no longer wanted to allow them to smoke near their school entrance.

Their head teacher said the students were not happy about passing through the smoke each day, and were concerned about the health issues that second-hand smoke might cause.

While second-hand smoke - which is when you breathe in smoke from cigarettes, but don't smoke directly - is not nearly as dangerous as smoking itself, it can still be damaging to breathe in, in a similar way to pollution.

Those in favour of the ban outside a school, hope it might encourage fewer kids to start smoking if they see people doing it less.

Being around second-hand smoke also exposes someone to the same dangers as the smokers themselves. They inhale the same gases and chemicals.

Children need to be even more careful as their bodies are still developing.

But some people don't agree.

They think smokers should have the freedom to light up wherever they like outside in public. It might also be that they can't give up the habit or don't want to.

Some argue it could be hard to keep an eye on everyone outside the school and they wonder who should be in charge of making sure they follow the rules.


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  • Comment number 23. Posted by U17078693

    18 hours ago
    i think people have the right to smoke wherever they want
  • Comment number 22. Posted by U17065375

    3 Jul 2018 20:11
    Smoking is deadly. It might encourage kids to smoke. In my opinion it should be gobally banned and smokers should be fine.
  • Comment number 21. Posted by U16984218

    2 Jul 2018 14:08
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  • Comment number 20. Posted by pink Unicorn

    30 Jun 2018 12:09
    Smoking should be against the law
  • Comment number 19. Posted by U17006965

    29 Jun 2018 20:12
    You shouldn't smoke outside school gates, it might encourage children to start smoking and then their children will start to smoke because they see parents as role models, so they don't think smoking's bad!
  • Comment number 18. Posted by U16848873

    29 Jun 2018 7:52
    I don't think people should smoke outside of schools because it is bad for the children's health and sets a bad example but I don't think it should be illegal everywhere because that would be unfair on people who are addicted and can't stop even if they try because then they would be doing something illegal even if they don't want to. It would be better if there were special places for people who smoke to go so they did not harm anyone else.
  • Comment number 17. Posted by jelly_ferret

    28 Jun 2018 19:18
    No, it’s incredibly bad for our health
  • Comment number 16. Posted by HarryKane10isthebest

    28 Jun 2018 19:07
    Definitely not! It hurts me when people smoke! It's disgusting because you can DIE from smoking!
  • Comment number 15. Posted by jamie

    28 Jun 2018 9:34
    I think it should be band for all schools and anyone caught smoking should be fined £150
  • Comment number 14. Posted by U17044453

    28 Jun 2018 8:08
    I feel that smoking is incredibly bad for everybody's health, and can also cause serious diseases like cancer. In a cigarette there is a substance called tar, which is also used to make roads. When people smoke, the tar goes into their lungs which can give them lung cancer and restricts their breathing.