Baby tamandua born at UK zoo

Last updated at 11:17
Poco clinging to Mum Ria's backZSL LONDON ZOO
Poco getting comfy on Mum Ria's back

A baby tamandua called Poco has been born at ZSL London Zoo.

The little one has been staying close to its Mum, Ria, by riding on her back but is now starting to explore their home in the zoo.

Poco has even been spotted practising sticking out its long tongue, which will grow up to 40cm in length.

It's so long because it helps them to reach insects from inside branches and holes.

The Tamandua is native to South America and is part of the anteater family. They are skilled climbers and get their practice in as babies, by clinging to their Mum's back for the first three months.

Poco peeking out of tree stumpZSL LONDON ZOO
Cameras caught Poco peeking its head out of a tree stump at night

Keepers at the zoo won't know if Poco is a boy or girl until it is scanned by vets, at around six months old.