Royal wedding: Your messages for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleDANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married tomorrow!

To help them celebrate we want you to send us your messages for the happy couple.

Maybe you want to congratulate them, give them some marriage advice or just wish them luck for the big day!

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Your messages

Hunsworth playgroup held their own Royal wedding with our very own Harry and Megan (James and Adriana). They even made their own Royal wedding cake too.

UGC footage of children doing their own Royal wedding at playgroupUGC
Here's James and Adriana during the ceremony...
Children cut cake at fake Royal wedding.UGC
and cutting their incredible cake - fit for a princess!

We wish you the most beautiful day of your life, children, good luck with each other. We hope you will stay together forever and have a long, happy and healthy life.

Class 1B (Gomarus College), 12, The Netherlands

Congrats Meghan and Harry, your dress is amazing. I wish I could have it Meghan.

Martha, 8, Braintree

Congratulations Harry & Meghan. Have a spectacular wedding day. My mum says I'm a princess too.

Zayanah, 3, London

Congratulations from all of us. We hope you have a lovely day and a fun wedding. We hope you have a long and happy marriage.

1KC Oasis Academy Broadoak, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Harry and Meghan,We wish you a lovely wedding day. We are having a party in Chicago to celebrate you!

Motivated Manta Rays, a year 4 class from the British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park.

I hope they have a long marriage that doesn't break

Attlee, 9

Have a lovely wedding day! I'm sure you will look like a beautiful bride and a handsome groom. I bet you have a memorable and amazing wedding day!

Holly class, 5-7 years old, Bradley Stoke Bristol

We have learnt about your lives and wedding today in school and we wish you a happy marriage of love and laughter forever.

4L Forefield Junior School, Crosby, Liverpool

Hi Meghan and Harry, We hope you have a wonderful wedding day. Here is some advice from our class:

Sienna and Emily: Try not to trip over your dress when walking down the aisle.

Lincoln: Don't leave socks in the bed.

George: Try and make Meghan laugh and don't always be serious.

Emily and Amy: Be polite and the world will be right.

Jess and Jack: Harry should buy chocolates and flowers for Meghan. Also have a lovely day!

Year 3 at St Andrews Primary School

I hope you have a marvellous day.

Noah, 7, High Valleyfield, Fife

Dear Harry and Meghan Markle, Have a lovely wedding day. We wish you so much luck together and a happy life! We wish we could come to see it in real life.

Deer Class, (Newport Infant School), Shropshire

Congratulations Harry and Meghan! Our class are celebrating by wearing crowns and learning all about the royal wedding today, through the Newsround website.

We'll be enjoying a royal dinner too 😊 Have a brilliant day!

Taj Mahal class, Holcombe Brook Primary School

We wish you lots of luck for a very happy marriage and a wonderful day.

6AE, Foremarke Hall, Repton Prep school

We are wishing you are a good life and congratulating you on the wonderful wedding!

We are very sorry that your father could not attend the wedding on Saturday, but we hope he gets better. Remember to save him some cake.

Rowan Class, Aged 9 and 10

We would like to wish you all the best for your wedding. Congratulations!!!

Class 1ML at Furness Primary School in London

We hope that you have a wonderful wedding. We hope you enjoy your kiss!

We have some advice for a long happy marriage.

Harry, make sure you take Megan out to restaurants. Megan, make sure you take care of Harry. We hope you enjoy your time being a princess.

Red Squirrel Class - Holy Trinity CoE Primary School

We hope you have a marvellous wedding. We hope the sun shines. Good luck! x

P2/3 Torryburn Primary School, Fife

Warmest congratulations, Meghan and Harry. Hope you have a long and happy life together. Excited to watch your wedding tomorrow. We all think you're amazing.

The Common Blues, St Gilbert's Primary School (Pointon, Lincs.)

We hope you have a great wedding and congratulations for getting married. We hope you have a fantastic day and we cant wait to watch you on the television.

We even had a party here at school to celebrate your special day!

Mrs Jones' Year 2 class, Moorfield Primary, Widne

I hope you have the best wedding yet!

Riley, 7, High Valleyfield

Dear Harry and Meghan, Have a great day and try to get a lovely pet and a great car to keep you happy.

Harry, make sure you impress Meghan. Give her lots of kisses!

We hope you are going to be a happy couple and have a very happy marriage.

3K, Tollgate School, Eastbourne

Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

We hope you have a spectacular day and we are really excited to watch on the TV!

Please can you do the "swish swish" at the wedding and Meghan can you smush the cake into Harry's face?!

P4, Meethill school, Peterhead

We've had a great day making wedding dresses out of bin bags and kitchen towel. We are looking forward to seeing Meghan's wedding dress. We hope you have an amazing day!

Year 3, Rose Hill School, Tunbridge Wells

I hope you have a wonderful wedding cake. Congratulations!

Mari, 9, London

We hope that everything goes well and that there are lots of lovely cakes and presents!

Rose and Lizzie, 11, Harlow

Hi Meghan and Harry! I love you sooo much, so congratulations! I even made a Harry and Meghan Royal wedding book! To celebrate I'm going to go to the long walk and watch the couple go down the walk! Have a great day!

Zara, 8, Windsor

Congratulations Harry and Meghan! I hope you have the awesome day you deserve! We are going to be watching the wedding on TV.

Beth, 11, Cornwall

Congratulations for the wedding!


Meghan, Harry - I hope you have a lovely day best wishes. I wish I was there!

Jody, 13, London

Wishing you good luck on your big day!!! :-)

Olivia, 9, Durham

Have a great wedding day, all the best.

Lola, 12, Ipswich