Lost Asteroid: 2010 WC9 A football pitch-sized asteroid will fly past Earth on May the 15th

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Image shows an asteroid flying across a night skyGetty Images
A football pitch-sized asteroid is rushing past Earth on May the 15th - find out all about it

A "lost" asteroid will be whizzing across our skies on May the 15th!

It's about the size of a football pitch and it will come as close as 126,419 miles from the Earth's surface.

That's about half of the distance between Earth and the Moon!

This might seem like a long way away from us, but it is actually one of the closest known approaches of an asteroid of this size.

Don't worry though that it is still very far away from us and scientist don't think there is any danger of it reaching Earth.

A person points at the sky while holding a telescope.Getty Images
The asteroid will be passing by Earth at its closest point on May the 15th, the best time for it to be observed by astronomers

The asteroid is known as the "lost" asteroid because for almost 8 years after it was last observed scientists couldn't see it in space.

But on May 8th astronomers spotted it once more.

It will pass across our skies tonight, currently travelling at 28,655 miles per hour!

The asteroid won't be visible to the naked eye, but if you have a telescope it might be worth turning it towards the skies at midnight to see if you can spot it!