Comments: What was your favourite part of Eurovision?

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Ah the Eurovision Song Contest... it never fails to entertain!

This year saw Netta from Israel win with her song called Toy, complete with a chicken dance to go with the lyrics.

Cyprus came in second place but the UK's entry SuRie finished 24th out of the 26 countries.

Her performance was interrupted by a stage invader, who grabbed the microphone off her.

She was given the chance to perform again for a second time at the end, but chose not to.

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The woman from Israel was so funny and hilarious. Poor SuRie - it must have been very scary. You could see she was shook up. I am not surprised. Moldova was really clever.

Hope, 17, Aberfeldy

I really liked the chicken lady because she is so funny, the song is really catchy.

Wali, 11, London

I liked SuRie's song the most but it was sad that the stage invader stopped her song.

Nithusiga, 9, London

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