Newsround website rules

Last updated at 09:32
A tablet with the words Newsround website rules.

If you are new to commenting on Newsround, please read these rules and make sure to follow them. All comments are pre-moderated, which means we read every message before it goes online. If you break these house rules your message will not make it onto the website.

1. You must be 15 years old or under

If you are 16 or older you're too old to comment on the Newsround website.

2. Don't use all capital letters

Any comments that are written only in capital letters will not pass moderation. Writing in capitals looks like you are shouting and it is also more difficult to read.

3. No sharing personal details

Personal details are things that could identify you to other people - like your surname, address, phone number, email, school name or school uniform details. You are not allowed to share this information for your own safety. However, you CAN tell people your first name, age and whether you are a boy or a girl.

4. No links to websites outside of CBBC

You can share links to pages on the CBBC and Newsround websites because these sites have been made especially for you. We can't allow you to mention other websites mentioned as we cannot be sure that they are suitable or safe.

5. No unsuitable films, bands or TV shows

Children aged 6-15 years old use the Newsround website. This means you cannot discuss certificate 15 or 18 films and games, TV programmes shown after 9pm or bands that use bad language. If you mention an unknown band your comment may be failed to be on the safe side.

6. No nasty, offensive or rude comments

Sharing your opinion is fine as long as it is said politely and fairly, but being mean and/or causing arguments is not allowed.

7. No spam or advertising

We do not allow comments that only exist to advertise something. We also do not allow you to post the same comments multiple times on different pages.

8. No foreign languages or secret codes

Moderators must be able to easily understand your comments. We can't allow comments that are written in code or a language which isn't English.

9. No copying

Please don't copy and paste song lyrics, scripts or any other text that you didn't write. You must not copy other people's comments either.

10. No dating or flirting

Newsround is a place to discuss topical new stories. Please don't talk about boyfriends, girlfriends, romance or dating. The comments will not pass moderation.

11. Stick to the topic

Make sure your comment is on the topic of the question at the top of the page (for example, don't post about sport in a conversation about recycling).

12. No talking about stars' private lives

We know it is interesting finding out about your favourite stars, but please don't discuss famous people's private lives in the comments. If a presenter or celebrity announces something in public, then it's OK to talk about - but if it's just rumour or gossip then please don't discuss it here.

13. Only use one account

Please do not use more than one account for writing comments - it is confusing for other members. Please do not pretend to be another person (this includes celebrities) or you could risk your accounts being closed. If we think you're using more than one account, your comments will not pass moderation and your other accounts will be closed.

14. Don't post spoilers

On Newsround we often cover film premieres but we take care to not ruin it for others by revealing key plot points. Please do not post spoilers for films, TV shows, books or computer games as this ruins the experience for others. Any posts with spoilers will be failed by the moderators.

15. Don't go overboard on the emojis

If you want to include an emoji or two in your comment, that's fine. But don't repeat the same emoji over and over again - a maximum of 3 repeated emojis are allowed.

😄👍 ✔

😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎 ✖

16. Don't type liiiiikkkkeeee thiiiiisssss

It's really difficult to read and makes your comments unnecessarily long. Stick to the normal amount of letters for your words.

17. Editing

Sometimes we might edit a comment if there's part of it that doesn't meet our moderation rules but the rest of it is okay. We might edit a message because you've included some personal details by accident, or because the language or subject isn't appropriate for the Newsround website.

18. Please don't form your own clubs

Please don't form your own clubs as this can make people feel left out and we want everyone to feel welcome!