Meet the boy whose heart could make history

Max, 10, received a heart transplant not too long ago - and now, he could be about to make history.

A new law - to be called Max's Law, after him - is being discussed in Parliament, with a view to changing the laws around organ donation in the UK.

At the moment, if you wish to donate your organs after you die to somebody who needs your healthy ones, you need to sign up to a special list called the organ donor register. This doesn't happen automatically.

However, in Wales, everybody is automatically added to this list - and if you specifically don't want to donate your organs, you have to say so. This is called an 'opt-out' system.

Prime Minister Theresa May heard about what had happened to Max and wrote him a letter.

"When I read your inspirational story, I knew I had to act to change the organ donation rules to an opt-out system," she said.

Find out more about Max and his story here.

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