Millie Bobby Brown youngest ever person on Time 100 list

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Image shows Shawn Mendes, Chadwick Boseman, Millie Bobby Brown and Rihanna.Getty Images
Check out some of the movers and shakers that have made this year's Time's 100 most influential people list.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has become the youngest person ever to make Time Magazine's 100 most influential people list!

The award-winning star is only fourteen years old, but through her work on sci-fi drama Stranger Things and speaking out against bullying, she has become one of the most talked about people in the world.

The American news magazine publishes its list each year naming the 100 people it thinks have made the most impact over the past 12 months.

Want to find out more about Millie and the other big hitters on this list? Then read on!

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown smiles in a spotty white and black dress. In the bottom right hand corner is a picture of Aaron Paul with a thumbs up emoji and an emoji with sunglasses around him.Getty Images
14 year-old actress Millie Bobby Brown is the youngest ever member of the Time 100 list. Actor and director Aaron Paul stated that, "She somehow understands the human experience as if she has lived it for a thousand years." Big compliment there, Aaron!
Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman poses against a grey-green backdrop, inset picture shows Sean Combs with a heart-eyes emoji.Getty Images
You might know this man as T'Challa - or the Black Panther! Boseman is a famous actor who has taken on many roles throughout his career. Musician Sean Combs commented on Chadwick, saying, "His portrayals of African-American heroes have shown how black America has always been able to transform pain into something powerful.".
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes sings into a microphone on stage while holding a guitar, inset shows John Mayer with a 'rock on' emoji.Getty Images
Canadian musician Shawn Mendes also made the Time 100 this year. Artist John Mayer said of the 19-year old, "His enthusiasm is boundless and infectious, probably because of the fact that he gets better by the day.".
Chloe Kim
Picture shows Chloe Kim proudly holding her gold medal while wearing her snow gear and inset shows David Chang with an 'OK' hand emoji.Getty Images
It's hard to believe that this gold medal winning snowboarder is only 17 years old! Chloe Kim's talent has amazed spectators worldwide. Restaurateur David Chang had this to say about the Olympic prodigy: "Now the best thing Chloe Kim can do is be Chloe Kim. That’s not being selfish—that’s letting people know they don’t have to be anything that anyone says they should be.".
Rihanna looks at the camera from behind her shoulder, inset shows Adele smiling in the top right corner.Getty Images
Queen of Pop, Rihanna, has been in the spotlight for over a decade but shows no signs of slowing down. Musician, Adele, spoke admiringly of the singer saying, "she has designed and conquered an entire lane of her own... She makes her own rules and bends ours.".
Donald Trump
President Trump looks suspiciously at the top right-hand corner, where an inset of Ted Cruz smiles.Getty Images
Entrepreneur, world leader and no stranger to controversy - Donald Trump might be one of the figures on this list that divides opinion. Fellow Republican politician Ted Cruz endorsed the President in his piece saying, "President Trump is doing what he was elected to do: disrupt the status quo.".
Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, Emma González and Alex Wind
Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, Emma González and Alex Wind stand in a line with their arms around one another. Inset shows Barack Obama.Getty Images
You may not recognise all these kids, but their actions have sent shockwaves around the world. They are five Parkland School students who have been campaigning for greater gun control in the United States after a shooting at their school killed 17 people. Former President of the United States, Barack Obama had this to say: "Our kids now show us what we’ve told them America is all about, even if we haven’t always believed it ourselves: that our future isn’t written for us, but by us.".
Meghan and Harry
Harry and Meghan stand smiling together at their engagement shoot, inset pictures show Elton John and Priyanka Chopra.Getty Images
The world's most famous couple have both (individually) made the list as well. Harry's nominee, singer-songwriter Elton John stated, "Prince Harry has that rare ability to walk into a room full of strangers and make everyone feel comfortable and at ease." while actress Priyanka Chopra said of Meghan, "This ever-smiling, strong free spirit found her prince, fell in love and in turn made a cynical world believe in fairy tales again."
Cristina Jiménez
Cristina Jiménez smiles next to an inset image of Selena Gomez, and emoji of clapping hands.John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation / Gett
Selena Gomez backed Cristina Jiménez to make it onto the list. While she may not be a household name, perhaps she should be - this woman has founded a non-profit organisation to help young immigrants fight against deportation in the United States. Selena said "As a nation of immigrants, the country is filled with those who believe in the American Dream: the ideal that everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work and determination.".
Elon Musk
Image shows Elon Musk talking in front of a white car, top left inset image shows Yuri Milner.Getty Images
Ironman..wait, no, sorry we mean Elon Musk has also made the list this year. The billionaire entrepreneur is famous as the man who founded PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Influential tech investor Yuri Milner comments, "...he is one of the few people who is not only thinking about the long-term survival of our civilization but also doing something about it: building the conditions for a viable colony on Mars.".