Syria: UK Government decides on a 'need for action'

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Syria: UK government decided on action

Britain's Prime Minister is deciding whether to get involved in military action in Syria.

Theresa May called together her government ministers to discuss whether the UK should support action by the United States against the country.

The ministers agreed that the Syrian government can't go 'unchallenged', but have not yet decided whether to support military action by the US.

US President Donald Trump has already used social media to warn Russia and Syria they they should "get ready" for missiles to be fired.

Trump was responding to claims of a chemical attack in an area called Douma which shocked a lot of people.

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Many think the attack was carried out by Syria's President Assad - but both he and the Russian government, who support him, say they didn't do it.

In conflicts, there are rules about what's acceptable - and chemical weapons are never supposed to be used.

Syria has been fighting civil war for over seven years. Millions of ordinary people have been affected.

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The last time there were reports of chemical weapons being used in Syria by President Assad's government, President Trump launched a missile attack on a Syrian air base.

Russia say that they would take another attack very seriously and people are worried about what could happen next if missiles are launched again.

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