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Why some of Cadbury's chocolate bars are shrinking

Cadbury is going to announce that it's reducing the number of calories in some of its chocolate bars.
Cadbury is going to announce a plan to reduce the number of calories of many of its chocolate bars. But the company isn't going to make the contents healthier, it's going to make the bars smaller. That's not going to be popular with everybody! Here are five other chocolate changes that might surprise you.
Forget dark, milk or white KitKat's 'ruby' version of its famous four-fingered snack bought a flush of colour to the chocolate.
Ruby chocolateBarry Callebaut
We'll start with the Toblerone. It's one of the most unusually shaped chocolate bars. But fans of its famous triangular chunks weren't sure what to think when in 2016 the space between them was increased. No-one likes gaps where there should be chocolate!
Toblerone bar
Nutella fans went nuts last year when they thought the spread's recipe had been changed so it had fewer hazelnuts in it. Ferrero, which makes it, said the recipe had been given some "minor fine-tuning" but that the hazelnut content was unchanged. Phew.
A jar of Nutella and a piece of toastGetty Images
Now there's a good 'raisin' the Fruit and Nut bar has made it on to our list. Again it's because of another recipe change. Although it'd been the same for 90 years, in 2015 Cadbury decided to add...sultanas. Yum!
Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars
The clue to what's in this next chocolate is in its name: the Walnut Whip. It's usually topped off with half a walnut but Nestle decided to bring out some new versions last year - without the famous nut on the peak! What?!
Walnut WhipAlamy