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Commonwealth Games: The best celebration poses!

Usain Bolt and Mo Farah are known for their 'to the world' and 'Mobot' celebrations, but are athletes at the Commonwealth Games about to challenge them with their victory poses?! Let's see.
Gold medallists Nile Wilson and Katie Archibald have gone for a classic 'flag in the air' victory pose, but some of the other winners at this year's Commonwealth Games have been a little more, shall we say, creative. Come on then guys, strike a pose!
Nile Wilson and Katie Archibald hold up flagsGetty Images
We *think* Dieudonne Wilfried Seyi Ntsengue is happy in this pic... Although he might not look it! The boxer from Cameroon is celebrating a win in his first round of the 75kg category. We wouldn't like to get in the ring with him. Imagine what he'd look like if he lost!
Dieudonne Wilfried Seyi Ntsengue poses with his mouth open and arm stretched outGetty Images
Woah, what on Earth is going on here?! An upside down flying man!? Well this is how Australian weightlifter Francois Etoundi likes to celebrate a good lift! Here he is mid-flip during the 77kg final. He came third despite having an injured shoulder. Flipping fantastic!
Francois Etoundi mid-flipGetty Images
Another weightlifter with his own quirky celebration! This time it's Muhammad Azroy Hazalwafie Izhar Ahmad from Malaysia. He took gold in the 56kg final. He looks like one cool guy... Or at least he looks like he's having a think about it!
Muhammad Azroy Hazalwafie Izhar Ahmad strikes a thinking pose to celebrateGetty Images
Team England's Ali Jawad is known as 'The Showman' and you can see why! To celebrate getting bronze in the men's lightweight para-powerlifting he did a cartwheel.
Ali Jawad doing a handstand and next to weightsGetty Images
Normally winners hold up a flag, trophy or medal to celebrate, but this New Zealand athlete chose something a bit different! It's fitting though because Sam Webster's a cyclist and had just bagged gold in the Men's Sprint Final!
Sam Webster holds a bike above his headGetty Images