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Dolls dress to impress in loo roll and lettuce

Check out these amazing dolls' outfits which have been created from some pretty unusual things. Forget fabric and think more along the lines of loo roll, money, tin foil and even lettuce. Yep, we're serious and they're seriously good...
This is the man behind the wacky wonders...oh hang on no it's not, it's just a toy of him. Jian Yang lives in Singapore and he loves dolls! He uses his amazing folding skills to make some pretty incredible doll-sized outfits.
A male doll holding a toilet rollJian Yang
Can you believe that all of these outfits have been made from loo roll or tissue paper!? Most of Jian's dresses only last a day before he has to throw them away. What a bummer!
Three dolls dressed in white tissueJian Yang
Ok if you don't believe they're made out of loo roll, taker a closer look!
Close ups of folded toilet roll clothing on dollsJian Yang
Now it might not be the first thing you think of after you've eaten but why let a good food wrapper go to waste. She's got a top hat on her go with her noodles! Yum!
A doll dressed in food wrappingJian Yang
Talking of food...would you like a doll with your salad?! It's not every day you see a doll dressed in lettuce but somehow this looks pretty cool!
A doll dressed in lettuceJian Yang
Here Jian's used traditional red envelopes. They're often given to kids with money inside to celebrate Chinese New Year. Each year is named after one of the animals from the Chinese zodiac. 2018 is the year of the dog so of course there's a little paper pooch too.
A doll dressed in red with money envelopesJian Yang
Look at these 'tinny' dresses! You might be more used to seeing foil wrapped around your packed lunch but it turns out it also makes some pretty neat clothing. We're not sure rocking the tin-man look would be the most comfortable but you'd certainly stand out!
Three dolls dress in tin foilJian Yang
Now this is a pricey outfit! Jian's made this dress from money - let's hope he unfolded it all afterwards so he could spend it.
A doll dressed in notes of moneyJian Yang
This golden creation is completely made out of paper. We're definitely a fan of all this fabulous folded fashion!
A doll dressed in gold paperJian Yang