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Every dog has their day

Photographer Alex Cearns loves taking pictures of animals, and these pictures all have a story. Each of these dogs have a disability, but nothing is holding them back.
Pip: This is the picture that helped puppy-dog Pip find a home. When it was taken, Pip had lost most of her fur. In spite of this, she was a natural in front of the camera and loved being in the spotlight. The snap went viral and Pip was soon adopted into a loving family.
A small dog with big eyes and a grey coat.Alexandra Cearns
Keisha and Reuben: The two pooches are the best of friends. Keisha and Reuben both lost the use of their back legs, but their owners say they've adapted well to using their wheelchairs. Keisha is very loving and loyal, and her pal Reuben loves an adventure.
A tall black dog with bright eyes and big ears gazes upwards at the camera next to a smaller white dog with wide eyes and a black nose. Both are in wheelchairs.Alexandra Cearns
Lady Bug: In 2011, Lady Bug had lost both her eyes to a condition called glaucoma. However, being blind has done nothing to slow her down!
A fluffy dog with yellow fur and a black noses faces upwards, while wearing a jacket that says 'Blind Dog'.Alexandra Cearns
Raul: This cheeky guy loves the attention he gets on his daily walks. He lost the use of his back legs in 2016 so now uses a wheelchair. His family adore him and say he makes them laugh all the time.
A dog with big brown eyes and big ears stares to its right while wearing a wheelchair.Alexandra Cearns
Vegemite: At three years old, Vegemite was attacked by another dog and was badly injured. Sadly he lost his eye, but has adapted well. Vegemite loves watching TV, especially when there are animals on.
A small, fluffy dog with one eye raises their paw to the camera.Alexandra Cearns
Dott: Jack Russell Dott loves nothing more than chasing anything that moves. She's also into running, paddle boarding, eating bacon and going on adventures. When she lost her eye in 2016 her owner worried how she might cope, but other than occasionally bumping into things, she's a happy dog!
A dog cocks its head to one side, it has a white coat, brown eyes and brown ears that are flopped over.Alexandra Cearns
Oompah: When she was rescued, Oompah was underweight, had lots infections and suffered with anxiety, particularly when she was left alone. After this snap was published, hundreds of people donated money for her treatment. Her owner, Clare, says that she is a strong spirit with a never-ending well of love.
A big brown dog gazes calmly at the camera.Alexandra Cearns
Jessie: Since losing movement in her back legs, this pup's learnt to get around really fast in her wheelchair. So fast that her owners have had to replace her wheels more than once because she keeps wearing them out!
A dog with white and grey fur stares inquisitively with its mouth open, wearing a wheelchair.Alexandra Cearns