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Pictures: Behind the scenes at the Commonwealth Games

The Games are about to get started on the Gold Coast in Australia. Here's a sneak peek at the village where all the athletes will be staying.
What do you do with the thousands of people competing in the Games? Give them their own village of course! 6,600 athletes, team officials and journalists will all be staying here. This is one of the pools. Nice!
Athletes' village on the Gold CoastPETER STEBBINGS/AFP/Getty Images
Now, if there wasn't enough competition already, there's also a games room. It actually looks pretty cool with arcade games, pool tables and games consoles. Some of the athletes have already been checking it out. Let's hope they don't get too distracted!
Athletes playing in the games roomPETER STEBBINGS/AFP/Getty Images
And after all that sport they're going to need a good rest. This is what one of the bedrooms looks like. They even get shampoo and conditioner...they'll probably need a good shower after all that sport too.
A bedroom in the athletes' villageChris Hyde/Getty Images
There's artwork on the walls in the bedrooms which have been done by local kids. The athletes are allowed to take it home as a souvenir. We love this pic of a surfer!!
An athlete's bedroom in the villageGetty Images
The athletes are going to need somewhere to help them recover after they've competed. This is the massage room...
Room with massage tablesChris Hyde/Getty Images for GOLDOC
There are also ice baths! Brrrr
Ice bathsChris Hyde/Getty Images
But thankfully there's a hot sauna. Ahhh that's better.
A saunaGetty Images
No village would be complete without! Yep a salon. Well the athletes are bound to deserve some pampering.
A salonChris Hyde/Getty Images
Here is the media centre where all of the journalists will be based. Imagine getting to report on the Games like Newsround's Martin!
Media centreSAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images
There are more than 6,600 people staying in the village - that's a lot of mouths to feed. This is where all of the media will eat. In the main dining area over 18000 meals will be served every day! Now that's a lot of food.
Dining roomGetty Images
Here's the bar where everyone can hang out. We wonder if any of the athletes will get up and sing?!
A barChris Hyde/Getty Images