Brand new emojis!

Last updated at 13:41
A prosthetic arm, a wheelchair user, a ear with a hearing aid emojisApple/Unicode

We all love a good emoji, and now there are plans to add even more which represent disabled people.

prosthetic limb emojiApple/Unicode

Apple is thinking about bringing in 13 new ones including guide dogs, a wheelchair user and prosthetic limbs.

There could also be a man and woman walking with a cane, a man and woman signing that they are deaf and a hearing aid.

People signing emojiApple/Unicode
These pics of a man and woman using sign language would join the 'I love you' and victory hand emojis which already exist.

Apple says this isn't a full list of all the possible emojis which might reflect disabilities but it's a "starting point".

So there may well be plans for even more. Hurrah!

A service dogApple/Unicode
This is a service dog emoji. Service dogs help people who might have a 'hidden' disability which isn't obvious if you look at them. For example Autism, anxiety or seizures.