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Frozen the Musical: First pictures of the live Broadway show

The stage version of the massive hit film Frozen has opened in the US. Take a look at the first photos of the new musical blockbuster.
It's been five years since the famous film came out and For The First Time in Forever, Frozen has made it to the stage! The live show has opened in Broadway, New York. The audience got to travel (in their imagination) to the kingdom of Arendelle, where royal sisters Elsa and Anna grow up, grow apart and are then reunited - with a little help from an ice salesman, his reindeer and a jolly snowman called Olaf. Caissie Levy and Patti Murin play the sisters Elsa and Anna.
Caissie Levy, Patti Murin with the company of FrozenDeen van Meer
So how do you make a stage show out of a musical? And how do you bring animated animals to life? Well, ice salesman, Kristoff's reindeer, Sven is brought to life by Andrew Pirozzi. The puppets for Sven and Olaf have had loads of praise and are seen as one of the highlights of the performance. But we're defintely not saying Reindeers Are Better Than People!
Jelani Alladin and Andrew Pirozzi in FrozenDeen van Meer
Caissie Levy who plays spiky snow queen Elsa gets to sing Let It Go - the biggest song of the show. But there are also new songs including another for Elsa, called Monster. All the new ones were written by the same team who wrote the songs for the film, so they won't be Fixer Uppers!
Caissie Levy with the company of FrozenDeen van Meer
Anna also gets some new songs including one called True Love. But hang on - isn't that Hans? Hmm. #nospoilers. We don't know yet when, or if, the musical show is coming to the UK. Maybe we'll find out In Summer?
Patti Murin and John Riddle (Hans) in FrozenDeen van Meer
The play was written by Jennifer Lee, who wrote and co-directed the original Frozen movie. The director of the stage show is Michael Grandage who's from Great Britain, as is the show's designer, Christopher Oram. You'd have to have a Frozen Heart to not love those costumes!
frozenDeen van Meer
And what about the rumours of a new animated film for the cinemas? Well, it's all pretty top secret at the moment but what we do know is Frozen 2 is due to come out in 2019, so you can Let It Go for now at least.
Elsa the Snow Queen, FrozenDISNEY