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Six sporting shockers

England's cricketers had a truly terrible innings against New Zealand, but here are some other terrible sporting performances to cheer you up!
Oh dear England, oh dear. On tour to New Zealand, England's cricketers lined up for the first day of the first test. There's no way they were expecting what happened next. Bowled out for 58. Ouch! One of the worst performances by an England cricket team in history - their sixth lowest total they've ever scored. The captain Joe Root - out for a duck (0). Former captain Alistair Cook - out for five. Ben Stokes - zero runs. Fingers are being pointed all over the place but a lack of preparation seems to be to blame, and maybe not taking the Kiwis seriously enough?
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But failure can be a good thing if you learn from it. Say hello to Northern Ireland's Rory McIllroy. Golfer extraordinaire... but not always. In 2011 he began the final round of the US Masters with a four-shot lead and looked set to win his very first major. But then things went wrong. A disastrous time on the 10th hole started a meltdown that ended with a final round of 80 - the worst in history by any professional golfer leading into the Masters final day. But but but... perseverance counts and the Northern Irishman recovered to win the US Open later that year.
Rory McIllroyGregory Shamus
Now one of the worst ever sporting horror shows ever was the famous thrashing suffered by Brazil at the World Cup in 2014, in Brazil. They'd got to the semi-final playing well, with loads of samba style. But then they met Germany. Who thrashed them. Badly. Germany were 5-0 up at half time and it ended 7-1 with Oscar getting his country's only goal. It was a truly shocking sporting occasion and fans all over the world couldn't believe what they were seeing...
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For Brazil fans watching their HOME team at their HOME World Cup, it was a lot to deal with! Some handled it better than others...
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Let's get a bit of positivity back again! This is Andorra's football team celebrating a win over Hungary in 2017. "So what?" you say? Ah, but this was a special win. They hadn't won a competitive international match for 66 matches! Not a single win for 13 years! You can imagine how happy their fans and players were. It's pretty inspirational actually (not for Hungary though, we reckon they got a serious telling off).
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How many British players can you name who've played for Real Madrid? Bale, Beckham, Owen..? Well, none of them made the first impression that this guy did - Jonathan Woodgate. Signed from Leeds in 2004, the defender was playing great football at the time. But when he joined Madrid, things REALLY didn't go well. First he was injured for ages, then when he finally got to play he had a nightmare debut. In the first half he scored an own goal, then he went on to get two yellow cards and was sent off!!! What a start! Two years later he was back in the UK at Middlesbrough.
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Last up, to a very young looking Roger Federer. Believe it or not, there was a time when he wasn't a record-breaking legend. But at the US Open in 2004, he showed what was coming. The guy in the cap is Lleyton Hewitt, he was a top player - the youngest male ever to be ranked no. 1 in the world - and he hadn’t lost a set coming into the final. But when he played Federer he was blown away. The score was 6-0, 7-6, 6-0 - a double bagel (can you work out why it's called that?). At least that second set saved him a bit of face. It's up to England's cricketers now to see what they can do after their terrible start.
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