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Mini beast from the East hits UK

So far this year we've had more than our share of cold weather.

If you think that's all behind us - think again! Some parts of the UK are getting ready for more of the white stuff. More freezing air is heading our way from Siberia, Russia.

Weather experts have even given it a name - the "Mini-beast from the East"! So, which parts of the UK need to dig out their hats, gloves and scarves?

Check out the video above to see what its like around the UK.

Some parts of the country have already had a dusting, have you? Get in touch and send us a picture!

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  • Have you had any snow?
  • Have you had enough of the white stuff?
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Your comments!

It's not much snow. But enough to get exited about!

Sirak, age 11, Brighton

snowy Brighton street

We've had a ton of snow and it's even up to the garden wall!

Ben, age 11, Rochdale

snow covered garden

Fun in the white stuff.

Rachael, age 10, Fleet


The snow is fairly thick ☺!

Ben, age 8, Perthshire

Hand on snow

Our dog has a snow beard!

Charlie, age 11, Dorset

snowy dog

We have had lots of snow where I am!

Poppy, age 11, South Wales

snow covered street

Here is a snow picture of my local area this morning.

Lucas, age 8, Devon

snow day

This is my snowman that I built with my dad this morning. I called him Radzi from Blue peter because of his hair.

Jane, age 10, Reading


Here's an igloo and snow merman I made with my best friend Sadie

Mags, age 11 in Bristol

igloo and snow merman

Say hello to this snowman

Megan, age 10 in Crawley, West Sussex


This is my garden this morning - he snow was nice at first but now I just want it to warm up and be spring!

Maddy, age 13 in Bath


Wow - when we thought the snow was over! The beast is back - I wonder if school's on tomorrow?

Saskia, age 11 in Mansfield, Woodhouse

Hi, thought you might like to post this picture of our German Shepherd 'ALFIE' playing in the snow on our garden.

James in Bulwell.


Me and my sister Evie were hoping for warmer weather but no we get loads more snow 😂

Olivia, age 12, from Whitstable


I was going to take my dog for a walk and when I opened the door a huge blow of snow came into my house.

Lilia, age 11, from Middlesbrough

It's sunny here but very windy! And very snowy!

Robbie, age 9 from Dundee

Just a little snow not too much

Abigail, age 10

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