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The dapper dogs of Crufts 2018

We all love dogs here at Newsround and we know you do too. Why not check out these dashing dogs, styling it out at Crufts 2018!
It's the second day of the internationally respected, Crufts. The competition has been around since 1891! Dogs of all shapes and sizes come with their humans to compete for different prizes. Just like these cute little furballs! They are called Miniature Long-Haired Dachshunds. We think they should be called Small Very-Cute Sausage Dogs.
Sausage dogsEmpics
These guys might look mean but don't worry, these guys are all about love! This gang of Douge de Bordeaux are hanging out with their human waiting to head inside. Look at their big tongues! All the better for giving you a big wet kiss/lick on the face.
Douge de BordeauxGetty Images
This big old boy is a Great Dane! The same kind as Scooby Doo, apart from this one is spotty like a Dalmatian. We can't work out if it's that happy about getting a smooch from its owner though...
A great DaneGetty Images
Well this picture says it all really... you can't expect to invite thousands of dogs to an event and not have to deal with some poop! It's a stinky job, but someone has to do it...or a silly dog might try and eat it!
Woman in poop scoop patrol jacketGetty Images
The Newsround office have decided this is the most glamorous doggo EVER! Just look at the hair, if dogs could be movie stars, this dog would be a movie star. Wait, dogs can already be movie stars can't they?
Windswept houndGetty Images
It's always important in these important galleries to end with something very important... Like a tiny nugget of cuteness hanging out under a much bigger nugget of cuteness! This is Czwska the Pug, also known as a very good dog.
Czwska the PugGetty Images