You will not BELIEVE the egg that has been laid in Australia

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The big eggScott Stockman

Have you EVER seen a more enormous egg?! No, we hadn't either.

This absolute monster egg was laid by a chicken at Stockman's Eggs in Australia.

It actually proved to be even more than it was, er, cracked up to be when the farm owners cracked it open.

But first of all, JUST LOOK AT IT!

The egg in a box alongside other eggsScott Stockman

The egg is at least three times the size of a regular chicken's egg, as you can see from the photo.

Scott and Kimberley Stockman, who run the farm, do not know which hen exactly laid the egg, as there are thousands of hens on the free-range farm laying 50,000 eggs every single day.

The egg being weighedScott Stockman

So how on earth did this happen? HOW?

"It's very rare, a freak of nature to be honest!" says Kimberley. "We have never experienced this before."

Scott added that he was very excited when he found the egg and couldn't wait to crack it open and show all of the staff what was inside.

So... Drum roll...

What did they find when they cracked it open? Well, this is what.

The egg after it was crackedScott Stockman
This is what they found when they cracked open the enormous egg

ANOTHER EGG! This story just gets better and better.

"We didn't eat the egg as we cracked it to show the staff. We were hoping for four yolks!" says Kimberley.

Well, they certainly got more than that... What an egg-cellent discovery!