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Can Christie do it? Greatest Olympic comebacks

Ahead of Elise Christie's attempts for gold in the 1000m on Tuesday, we look at some of the greatest Olympic comebacks ever.
So Elise Christie has crashed out of both the 500m and 1500m short track speed skating events. To make it even worse she was disqualified from all three events she entered in the 2014 Winter Olympics! But we're optimists here at Newsround so we thought we'd take a look at Olympic comebacks ahead of Christie's final chance in the 1000m on Tuesday.
Christie falls in the qualifying round of the 1500m.Getty Images
Enter American short track speed skating champion Apolo Ohno who's experience at the 2002 Winter Olympics proves there's always hope on ice. Ohno was disqualified in the 500m event. He was then leading into the last corner of the 1000m event only to be taken down in a mass pile up robbing him of gold. In the 1500m Ohno's time finally came and he beat pre-race favourite Kim Dong-Sung.
Apollo OhnoGetty Images
Sticking with speed skating, perhaps history suggests Christie may succeed in Olympics to come even if this one isn't to be. Dan Jensen got close for many years before finally scoring success in the 1000m in the 1994 Winter Olympics in. Jensen was favourite for the both the 500m and 1000m at the 1988 Olympics but failed to deliver. The loss of motivation meant he also left the 1992 games empty handed. Going into the 1994 games he had rediscovered his winning form, and after finishing a disappointing 8th in the 500m, came back to finally win an Olympic gold in the 1000m.
Dan Jensen on route to winningGetty Images
Sarah Hughes won figure skating gold in unlikely circumstances in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Hughes was considered an outsider and going into the final round of the competition she was in fourth place. A flawless display later, including seven triple jumps and two triple jump combinations, saw Hughes claim the gold medal.
Sarah Hughes wins gold.Getty Images
They call it 'The Miracle on Ice'. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but when the US men's hockey team beat the Soviet Union 4-3 in the 1980 Winter Olympics it really was one epic comeback. Why? The Soviet Union used professional players and had won the gold medal in five of the six previous Winter Olympic Games. The US team was made up of amateurs, and what's more were losing 3-2 going into the final part of the game before turning it around. So come on Christie!
US and Soviet Union players shack hands after the gameSteve Powell
When Christie went down in the 1500m it looked bad, but not as bad as when Louganis almost knocked himself unconscious... During the heats at the 1998 Seoul Olympics, Mr. Louganis did two summersaults in the air and then hit his head on the diving board on the way down and seriously hurt himself. He then proceeded to qualify for the final and win obvs.
Greg Louganis hits his head in the 1988 Seoul OlympicsGetty Images
Some people just don't know when they're beaten eh? Runner Lasse Virén tripped over during the final of the 1972 10,000m, got up, joined everyone else and then raced past everyone else to win gold. Oh, he also set a new world record too, cause, you know, like doing that without falling over just wouldn't be fair would it!
Lasse Virén kicks for gold in the 1972 men's 10,000 meter race.Getty Images