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Winners of the Underwater Photographer of the Year Award 2018

Swimming underneath sharks, and capturing crocodiles at sunset - take a look at the stunning photographs which won at this year's Underwater Photographer of the Year Awards.
Yes, this is real, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Motorbikes in a shipwreck! It's British World War II military vehicles deep inside a shipwreck in the Red Sea. This snap didn't just win the Wrecks Prize, it also saw Tobias Friedrich named the Underwater Photographer of the Year for 2018.
Motorbikes in a ship wreck.Tobias Friedrich/UPY2018
It's Swan Lake 2.0 folks! Not really, it's actually called Love Birds and was taken in the beautiful setting of Loch Lomond. Grant Thomas took the picture and it won him the British Waters Wide Angle category as well as British Photographer of the Year.
Two swansGrant Thomas/UPY2018
Check out this seal having a stretch! It was take near the Farne Islands of the north-east coast of England. The islands are home to thousands of grey seals (also known as Atlantic seals), and each autumn hundreds of pups are born here. It won photographer Vicky Paynter the British Waters Compact Award.
A SealVicky Paynter/UPY2018
Seahorse and plankton combine in this picture which was the winner of the Macro Category for super-small photos. Shane Gross took the picture and said: "The pond I was in has the highest density of seahorses on Earth, but I’ve never seen three together like this before."
Seahorses in planktonShane Gross/UPY2018
You wouldn't want to go swimming here, would you?! No. And that's because this is a sand tiger shark surrounded by lots of bait fish. Photographer, Tanya Houppermans, wasn't put off though. She said: "I swam on my back underneath her, trying not to startle her. As I moved with the shark through the water the bait fish parted way, giving me a clear shot of the underside of this beautiful shark." This picture won the Portrait Award.
A sand shark and 'bait fish'Tanya Houppermans/UPY2018
Here's another diver that probably spent a lot of time under the waves to get this stunning photograph. This time New Zealander Simone Matucci wins the Compact Award after capturing these two humpback whales "dancing" with another diver. He says it was the most "wild & incredible thing I have probably witnessed in my entire life". No kidding, Simone!
two humpback whales dancing.Simone Matucci/UPY2018
Winner of the Wide Angle category, this shot of a Humpback whale was taken near Tonga. Speaking about the moment the photo was taken, photographer Greg Lecoeur said: "It was very impressive and we could feel the power of nature but we were also invaded at the same time a feeling of gentleness. "
A Humpback WhaleGreg Lecoeur/UPY2018
This gold-faced seabird catching its dinner is an Asiatic cormorant eating a fish off the west coast of Tokyo in Japan. The photographer, Filippo Borghi had to wait for two days in shallow water to get this shot! Hope you kept your feet warm!
An Asiatic cormorant sea bird catches a fish.Filippo Borghi/UPY2018
Yet another swim we wouldn't fancy taking! Amazingly, photographer Borut Furlan actually went for a dip with these crocs, and he won the Black and White Prize for his troubles. The picture was captured just as the sun set in Cuba. Borut said he was lucky the crocodile "was very co-operative" and looking at those teeth, you certainly were, Mr Furlan!
A crocadileBorut Furlan
Safer territory now as this is the photo that won the Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018. Taken off the coast of Indonesia, it shows a pair of sea slugs with a moray eel as a background. Yikes!
Two sea slugsMan Bd UiDive/UPY 2018
Is must be true love, right? Wrong! These Tompot blennies are not kissing but engaged in a fierce battle. The picture was taken near Swanage Pier and made Henley Spiers the British Waters Macro Award winner.
Two tompot blennies battlingHenley Spiers/UPY2018