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Skypixel's Best Aerial Photos of 2017

Here at Newsround we love showing you the world around us as much as possible, and these amazing photographs from the Skypixel Aerial Photography Prize certainly let you see that - and from a whole new perspective!
This amazingly crisp image of a polar bear making the leap from one ice sheet to another won top prize in the competition and its easy to see why this grabbed the judges attention! Florian Ledoux who took the picture has spent a lot of time in the arctic regions observing the wildlife there. He said he has been able to "witness many scenes of wildlife" during his time working in the Arctic but added "I can guarantee you this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." We agree with you, Florian!
A polar bearSkyPixel/Florian Ledoux
This picture took another top place in the Skypixel competition. The mix of colours and early morning fog gives the shot a dream-like feel. Photographer, Zay Yar Lin, caught this scene of the traditional life of an Intha fisherman in Myanmar. The Intha use traditional techniques including unique leg-rowing which you can see here; the fisherman stands on one leg at the front of the boat and uses the other leg to paddle! Serious fishing skills for sure
A traditional fishermanSkyPixel / Zay Yar Lin
One early morning in Newfoundland, Canada, the photographer was hiking and heard a lot of seagulls making a LOT of noise. Quickly getting a drone in the air, he soon found noise was coming from a small fishing boat. It was heading towards the harbour with full nets...and hundreds of hungry seagulls chasing it! Definitely something you don't see everyday...well unless you're a fisherman!
A cod fishing boat with seagullsSkyPixel / Drone Hikers
This shot could be straight out of a film about a far away land full of magic. But no, this is a real place, just a very beautiful looking one! Valentin Valkov took this stunning photo of Santa Maddalena village in Italy, spread out in front of the Dolomite mountains. Everyone in the Newsround office has decided to now move here and live happily ever after
Village in front of mountainsSkyPixel / Valentin Valkov
Aerial photography gives you the amazing opportunity to see the world around us in an amazing new way. This is a baby lobster breeding farm in central Vietnam. You would never get the chance to see it from such an angle from the ground, this view gives you an idea of the scale and lets you see the beauty in the different patters and colours you may miss otherwise.
A lobster farmSkyPixel / Trung Pham
Javier del Cerro submitted this shot of olive trees planted very precisely in Castilla La Mancha, Spain. Amazing to think that those are full sized trees, from the sky they only look like little bushes! What do you think the area where you live looks like from the air?
olive treesSkyPixel / Javier del Cerro
We like to end with a good one here at Newsround and this shot by Caokynhan showing hundreds of ducks being raised by farmers on the BA river in the Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. The white ducks and peaceful river certainly go well together. And remember, taking amazing photographs can be done by anyone! It just takes practice, patience and a camera (you probably have one of those in your phone). So snap away and you might be featured in a gallery like this one day!
Ducks in VietnamSkyPixel / Caokynhan