Nasser: How I overcame bullying

Nasser is 13 years old and his favourite things to do are play video games, beat box and dance.

He's happy about his life now but when he was younger he experienced racism and bullying.

Nasser's dad is from Pakistan and his mum is from Africa. He's proud of his heritage but says he has struggled with his identity, sometimes wondering if he should say he is black or Asian.

He has grown up with his family in an area where there isn't a lot of diversity. This meant that his family stood out as different.

Racism left Nasser feeling down and upset but with the help of his parents and teachers, Nasser has grown in confidence.

He's now part of a group at school that challenges stereotypes and labels that people are given, because of their appearance.

They perform spoken word poetry and Nasser says it has helped him make new friends and become more comfortable with who he is.

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