These amazing animals test their prediction powers!

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Russia chooses cat as a prognosticator

This is Achilles the cat who Russia has just chosen as it's official 'Prognosticator'.

Sounds complicated right?

It basically means they want Achilles to try predict the winners of matches at the World Cup this Summer.

Quite a big job to put on such a small cats shoulders you may think.

But watch the video and you will see Achilles is pretty chill about the whole thing.

Here at Newsround, we've been thinking of other animals that could have the power to (SCARY VOICE): Predict The Future...

Groundhog Day

A groundhogEPA
Punxsutawney Phil is the name of this furry fellow! It's believed that the common groundhog can predict the weather... Much more interesting than watching the weather forecast on TV, right?

February 2nd only means one thing in a certain places in America...Groundhog Day!

Ok, so what on earth is Groundhog Day?

Well, Groundhog Day is a tradition celebrated in America and Canada.

A Groundhog is a small, furry animal that looks like a mixture between a squirrel and a badger. According to custom, each year one of the furry fellows predicts when spring will arrive.

Of course! That makes sense right?

The legend goes that if it is a clear sunny day, the Groundhog will see its own shadow.

This means it will return to its burrow and winter will continue for another six weeks.

If it is a cloudy day, the Groundhog won't be able to see its shadow. This means that spring will come early that year.

This year, the Groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Meaning his followers believe there will be six more weeks of snow!

Geda the Monkey:

a monkey and donald trumpGetty/Reuters
Geda the monkey kissed a cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump.

During the American presidential election, China decided to see if Geda the Monkey could predict the future.

They used cardboard cut outs of both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. The monkey then predicted that Donald Trump would win by kissing his cardboard face!

And of course, Geda was correct...

So either the monkey can tell the future or Geda just liked the look of Donald's face and wanted to give him a smooch!

Or it could have just been a total coincidence...

Paul the Octopus:

Paul the octopusGetty Images
Paul's predicitions made him famous across the world, Spain even put in a special request to bring Paul to Madrid zoo after he correctly chose Spain as the 2010 world cup winners

Paul the octopus was used to predict the winner of several different sporting games.

The keepers at the aquarium where Paul lived would present him with two boxes containing his favourite foods.

The front of the box displayed the different flags of the teams playing.

Whichever box Paul ate from first was believed to be the winner.

Paul correctly predicted the winner of eight athletic games, including the 2010 World Cup winners!

Eli the Ape:

The superbowl trophyGetty Images
Eli was on a winning streak, with seven years of correct predictions for Super Bowl winner. Unfortunately he never lifted the trophy himself

Paul is not the only animal that has predicted the outcome of sporting events. In America, Hogle Zoo had an ape named Eli.

Eli correctly chose the winning Super Bowl team seven years in a row!

Unfortunately, Eli died in 2014 so he will not be able to help fans predict this Sundays Super Bowl final.

Animals that can predict the weather:

A cowGetty Images
WEATHER or not cows really can predict if it will rain or not is a mystery. One which will most likely remain so until the day we learn to speak cow...

According to some, animals are better at predicting the weather than weather forecasters.

Some farmers claim that cows can sense bad weather, saying they become restless and begin to swat flies with their tails or lie down so they can save a dry spot.

What about your pet? Does it have any mysterious talents?