Mahrez missing again...

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Riyad MahrezGetty Images
It's unclear why Miyad has been absent from training and Leicester City are keeping quiet about it.

Leicester star Riyad Mahrez has sent the football rumour machine into overdrive this week after not turning up to training four days in a row!

The 26 year old winger handed his club a transfer request earlier in the week.

He had hoped to move to Manchester City but Leicester wasn't ready to let one of their stars go for cheap and Manchester City ended up pulling out of talks.

Leicester is yet to confirm whether Riyad has permission for his absence or not.

The Foxes boss, Claude Puel, said he hoped that "Riyad can clear his head and come back with us as he is a valuable player for us and crucial in our play".

Claude Puel gives thumbs upGetty Images
Claude Puel has said he hopes his side can stay united after Mahrez's transfer falling through.

With words like that it is easy to see why Leicester have attached a high price tag to Mahrez.

Riyad MahrezGetty Images
Foxes wanted £80 million for Mahrez, but that was £20 million over City's limit for him! So Riyad will be staying put for the time being

But it all seems to have got to Riyad, who Sky Sports have reported is very upset with being stopped from heading to the Manchester side.

We will have to wait and see what Riyad and Leicester City's next move is... hopefully for Foxes fans it doesn't involve him leaving the club!